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About Team Barnato

Team Barnato is a group of motorsport enthusiasts who jump at every opportunity to go racing. Most of the Team  ( but not all ) are employees of Bentley Motors Ltd. We specialise in endurance karting events such as the British 24 hour race. To try and keep the costs as low as possible for our drivers we generally use rented karts but we have been known to sneak a few owner drives as well.

Brief History

Team Barnato was originally started back in 2004 and was then called ‘Team Bentley’. It was set up to take part in the BEN (motoring industry benevolent's fund) national karting  championship. After 2 years it was decided that the name should be changed to ensure people knew we were not factory backed and are not directly connected with Bentley Motors Ltd. The new name ‘Team Barnato’ came from the legendary Wolf Barnato who won the famous Le Mans races back in the 1920’s behind the wheel of a Bentley, and who was one of the ‘Bentley Boys’. The team also adopted Bentley’s Le Mans numbering system with out first kart entry always being Barnato 7, second is always Barnato 8 and so on.

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